Care. Comfort. Competency. Compassion.

These words describe Your Comforting Care's approach to providing affordable, quality care for our clients. Your Comforting Care has the experience to be called a premier provider of non-medical care. Our staff is strongly committed to providing the best care possible for your loved one in the most comfortable environment possible — at home.

We are passionate about delivering a full range of services that will make your loved one feel safe and comfortable while maintaining their dignity and independence. Your Comforting Care also provides respite for the family caregiver who needs occasional time away, but with the assurance that their loved one is safe, comfortable, and under the reliable, qualified supervision of professionals.

Although we perform care, such as bathing, dressing, housekeeping, and laundry, our most crucial role is to provide companionship. Your Comforting Care believes that one-on-one personal interaction is essential to making our client feel engaged and energized. We are the eyes and ears of families.

You have the confidence that Your Comforting Care is monitoring and watching closely over your loved one when you can't be there. We don't provide skilled nursing care, but in the event that they need specialized assistance, we can notify the appropriate persons.

Your Comforting Care provides the following caregiving services:

Bathing and Grooming - Ensuring healthy hygiene

bathing and grooming

Depending on the client's physical capabilities, Your Comforting Care provides everything from bed baths to assisting in a shower or bathtub. We believe it's most important to maintain dignity and privacy while ensuring our clients benefit from regular, healthy hygiene habits.

Dressing - We help make the tough things easier


Your Comforting Care caregivers assist our clients in dressing themselves. We reduce the difficulty that physically impaired clients may encounter as they prepare for the day or get ready for bed.

Meal Preparation - We help ensure proper nutrition

meal prep

We know that for many of our clients, a meal can be the highlight of their day. Your Comforting Care is dedicated to providing regular meals specially adapted to their dietary requirements. Our caregivers can prepare snacks and meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Housekeeping - Comfort comes from a clean, comfortable living space


Your Comforting Care knows that a clean environment adds to the client's well-being. We provide light housekeeping, such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing/drying the dishes, and setting out the garbage. Using our housekeeping services, you can ensure this essential job is done so you can focus on a pleasant visit.

Medication Reminders - We offer you peace of mind

medication reminders

Your Comforting Care reminds our clients to take their medicine, so you have the peace of mind they are getting their medications on-time.

Errand Services - We help you do the small stuff

errand services

Your Comforting Care understands that our clients may be unable to complete important tasks. We can purchase groceries, pick up medication from the pharmacy, or whatever is needed by the client.

Companionship - We hold hands and hearts


Your Comforting Care believes that your loved one needs more than just skilled nursing care. They need personal companionship to help them feel needed, vital, and engaged with the world. Our staff will perform a variety of client activities that can include shopping, playing board games, reading stories, or simply taking a walk.

Laundry Service - We keep it clean and comfortable

laundry service

Your Comforting Care provides laundry assistance to ensure our clients have clean clothing, linens, and bedding.

Mobility Assistance - We know how to make a smooth, safe move

mobility assistance

Your Comforting Care staff is fully trained and capable of helping our clients with mobility. We assist in the use of adaptive equipment, such as a cane, walker, and/or wheelchair. Whether it's walking from the bed to the bathroom, or entering/exiting a vehicle, we will help our clients get where they want to go in a safe, comfortable manner. We can also assist our clients in performing prescribed physical therapy exercises.

Incontinence Care - We offer professional, gentle, hands-on assistance


Your Comforting Care staff knows that client comfort involves proper, regular hygiene. We ensure that our clients receive this particular care as part of their daily routine and we always strive to maintain the client's privacy, dignity, and independence for these personal tasks.

Respite - Caring for the Caregiver


Caring for a loved one can be mentally and physically demanding. Whether you need our services for just an evening, or an extended vacation, Your Comforting Care staff will accommodate your need to recharge and refresh.

Hospice - Bringing dignity and peace in a comfortable, home environment


We believe that true comfort requires a compassionate, hands-on approach at the most difficult of times. Your Comforting Care provides these values in our hospice services.

24-hour Care - All day comfort and client care

24 hour care

We are available on an around-the-clock shift schedule to ensure consistent, optimal client care.

Holidays and Weekends


Your Comforting Care is available on holidays and weekends, so you always have complete coverage.


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